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Oracle Database Appliance – Problem Replacing Shared Disk (2.4)

As with all systems, a disk failure can happen and so we had a failing disk on one of our ODA’s. As mentioned in the ODA documentation, replacing a disk is easy and OAK does everything for you. Actually it is doing everything for you, from all OS related actions (like multipath configuration and partitioning) to dropping and adding the… Read more »

Oracle Database Appliance – /opt filling up

Last time we had the /opt filesystem on a couple of ODA nodes filling up. It turned out that the OS Watcher archive directory structure (/opt/oracle/oak/osw/archive) contained lots of old files that should have been cleaned by OSWatcher. When OSWatcher is started, it will also start a script called that is responsible for cleaning up old files. It turned… Read more »

Oracle Database Appliance – /boot filling up

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After the installation of the ODA bundle patch, the /boot filesystem on the ODA nodes was filled up to 84% (16 MB of 99 MB was free) and so Oracle Enterprise Manager started sending warnings about the default 80% warning threshold being overridden for the /boot filesystem. Although the /boot filesystem is, while not patching or so, not growing…. Read more »

Oracle Database Appliance – Installing Bundle Patch

On 23 july 2012 ODA bundle patch was released, a long awaited version which should (and indeed does) include multi-home support. As with each new bundle patch, in this version the patch process is getting more robust and the long awaited support for rolling upgrade of the Grid Infrastructure and RAC databases is implemented. Unfortunately the installation of the… Read more »

Oracle Database Appliance – cleanupDeploy X-windows failure

Whenever something goes wrong during the deployment of an ODA, you can try to fix the problem and restart the deployment from the step where the deployment failed (using the script). Sometimes however when the deployment fails, restarting the deployment doesn’t work and the only (or fastest) solution is to cleanup and start all over. There is a script… Read more »

Oracle Database Appliance – odachk

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With the release of ODA patch bundle a tool available on Exadata only, is available for ODA too. This tool named “Exadata Configuration Audit Tool – exachk” is modified and renamed to odachk and is located in /opt/oracle/oak/odachk. With this tool you can check the configuration your complete ODA environment (numerious checks for OS, GI, RDBMS) and will show… Read more »

Oracle Database Appliance – Installing Patch Bundle 2.2

On 17 April 2012 ODA patch bundle was released, which includes an Linux kernel upgrade (2.6.18- to 2.6.32-300.11.1.el5uek – Unbreakable Enterprise Kernel), Oracle Grid Infrastructure patchset and Oracle RDBMS patchset Oracle made the installation of various parts of the patch bundle a lot more flexible. Now you can install the infrastructure (OS, firmware, OAK, etc.), GI and… Read more »

Oracle Database Appliance – Safely usable ASM diskgroup size

Not long ago I got a warning from Oracle Enterprise Manager that the REDO diskgroup on one of our ODA’s exceeded the warning threshold of 75%. Looking at the number of database instances and configured online redo log sizes I couldn’t understand how this was possible while the ODA documentation states that diskgroup +REDO size is 97.3 GB ( 4… Read more »

Oracle Database Appliance – Installing Patch Bundle

We just finished installing ODA Patch Bundle on one of our ODA’s….. There goes one of the key features for the ODA – Simple one-button patch installation. As a DBA (and I think all administrators) are very reserved when these kind of statements are made. First of all applying Patch Bundle (and Patch Bundle, but this one… Read more »

Oracle Database Appliance – Critical Patch Bundle

Oracle found a bug (a Seagate firmware issue) for ODA’s with Patch Bundle applied. They highly recommend the installation of patch 13817532 after you’ve applied Patch Bundle The problem is described in MOS note 1438089.1, but in short the problem is that a disk failure could trigger a complete system (ODA) shutdown. One good thing about this patch… Read more »