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ORA-600 [kkpo_rcinfo_defstg:objnotfound] on a 11.2 RAC instance

RECOMMENDATION: Set the deferred_segment_creation parameter to FALSE for 11.2 RAC databases! Recently our monitoring picked up an ORA-600 from the alertlog of one of our 11.2 RAC instances. ORA-00600: internal error code, arguments: [kkpo_rcinfo_defstg:objnotfound],[87421], [], [], [], [], [], [], [], [], [], [] Oracle Support was telling me that I was hitting bug 14252187 (Bug 14252187 – ORA-600 [qesmaGetTblSeg1]… Read more »

Oracle RAC – granting SYSDBA or SYSOPER is instance specific

The default location for the password file is $ORACLE_HOME/dbs which in most cases (if you don’t have your ORACLE_HOME on a shared disk) is on a non-shared filesystem. Whenever you grant SYSDBA or SYSOPER to a database user Oracle will add the user to the password file. What the Oracle documentation doesn’t tell you is that the user will only… Read more »

ORA-00245: control file backup operation failed

A snapshot controlfile is a read consistent copy of a database controlfile which RMAN creates because the controlfile is changed constantly. As of Oracle 11.2 ( to more precise) the snapshot controlfile must be on a location shared by all RAC nodes in a cluster (it must be accessable by all nodes on which instances for an RAC database can… Read more »