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Grid Infra – ASM bug on Solaris – slice 2 CANDIDATE

We recently ran into a bug (at least that how I look at it) that is introduced with ASM As of this version, ASM shows slice 2 (the complete disk, starting a cylinder 0 thus inlcuding the VTOC) as an CANDIDATE disk in ASM. In previous versions of ASM (Grid Infra) only slices that started from cylinder 3 (or… Read more »

Oracle Database Appliance – Safely usable ASM diskgroup size

Not long ago I got a warning from Oracle Enterprise Manager that the REDO diskgroup on one of our ODA’s exceeded the warning threshold of 75%. Looking at the number of database instances and configured online redo log sizes I couldn’t understand how this was possible while the ODA documentation states that diskgroup +REDO size is 97.3 GB ( 4… Read more »

Oracle RAC – granting SYSDBA or SYSOPER is instance specific

The default location for the password file is $ORACLE_HOME/dbs which in most cases (if you don’t have your ORACLE_HOME on a shared disk) is on a non-shared filesystem. Whenever you grant SYSDBA or SYSOPER to a database user Oracle will add the user to the password file. What the Oracle documentation doesn’t tell you is that the user will only… Read more »