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Solaris SMF Oracle Grid agent service killing Oracle instance

In the last couple of months we had some strange problems with all processes of Oracle database and ASM instances just disappearing. The shared memory segment was still there and you could connect internally to the instance, even execute some queries until you give some statement where it actually needed to do something, resulting in some kind of a “ghost”… Read more »

Unregistering (removing) agent from OEM Grid Control

When you want to permanently remove an agent from you OEM GC environment, you will have the GUI method and the manual method. The reason for writing this post is that I was able to remove all targets from within the GUI except the agent itself, at least at screen I was expecting to offer this functionality. The GUI method… Read more »

Unable to monitor ORA-errors in alertlog for databases

There is a problem monitoring Oracle databases in OEM. Alerts for ORA- errors that appear in the alertlog of databases won’t get generated and you will not be able to view the alertlog (time range) for databases of this specific version. The problem is introduced with database version and is caused by the format of the timestamp… Read more »