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OutSystems – Java / WebLogic related bugs

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Installing, configuring and working with the OutSystems platform on an Oracle stack (Orcle linux, Oracle WebLogic and Oracle database) made me run into some bugs. This posts lists some of the problems/bugs I ran into. #1 – Using non-suggested installation paths and users To install the OutSystems platform server, OutSystems created an installation checklist for the .NET and Java stacks…. Read more »

Apache Traffic Server (ATS) as reverse proxy for OutSystems – URL remapping

I’ve been working on getting internal (on-premise) OutSystems platform servers (version 9) installed, running completely on a red stack (Oracle Linux, Oracle database and Oracle WebLogic). One of the things I wanted to try, was getting the platform server available from the outside world, the internet. Port forwarding on the firewall When you enable┬áport forwarding on the firewall, using a… Read more »