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OutSystems – Java extension: write log messages

I was looking for a way to debug an (Java) extension and found some posts about this on the OutSystems community. Of course most of these posts are on .NET, but Java or .NET, debugging an extension is not that easy. The easiest way to enable some sort of debugging for an extension, is to write (debug) messages to the OutSystems… Read more »

OutSystems – Getting Database Information

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In this post I will provide some queries that you can use to get information on the OutSystems schemas in an Oracle database.   List inactive (unused) entity tables It is pretty simple to get a list of all inactive entity (unused – the entity got removed from OutSystems) database tables. SELECT esp.name ESPACE, ent.name ENTITY, ent.physical_table_name TABLE_NAME FROM osadmin.ossys_espace… Read more »