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With the release of ODA patch bundle a tool available on Exadata only, is available for ODA too. This tool named “Exadata Configuration Audit Tool – exachk” is modified and renamed to odachk and is located in /opt/oracle/oak/odachk.

With this tool you can check the configuration your complete ODA environment (numerious checks for OS, GI, RDBMS) and will show you where there are problems or might be problems.

Running the tool

Run the following command as user oracle (full check with verbose option) to start the tool. You will be asked some questions before the checks are executed.

cd /opt/oracle/oak/odachk
./odachk -a -o verbose

There are more command line options that can be found in the User Guide.

Example output

Screendump “odachk” command execution: odachk_testdb_output.txt
HTML file that is generated by “odachk” command: odachk_MCLDB_081512_092757.html


At the moment there is at least 1 annoying bug in the odachk tool. The check “One or more software or firmware versions are NOT up to date with OAK repository” will FAIL because odachk will use the software and firmware versions of the OAK repository instead of the latest (for now thus I’ve raised an SR for this bug and Oracle Support mentioned that this will be fixed as part of the next ODA patch bundle and that this is the reason why they didn’t mention odachk in the MOS note 888888.1.

With the release of ODA bundle patch the odachk utilility is officially released. I did some testing with it and the bug mentioned here before is indeed fixed. I have uploaded a new sample HTML report created by this utility and the output while running the command.


There is not specific userguide for the odachk tool and the readme for this tool will direct you to My Oracle Support note 1070954.1 (Oracle Exadata Database Machine exachk or HealthCheck) from where you can download the exachk tool including the ExchUserGuide.pdf file.

Oracle Exadata Database Machine exachk or HealthCheck [ID 1070954.1]